Welcome to the Jocist Women Leaders Biographical Dictionary.

This is a project to document the lives and work of women leaders of the Young Christian Workers (YCW), Young Christian Students (YCS) and other Specialised Catholic Action movements inspired by Joseph Cardijn's Young Christian Workers or Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne (JOC) movement.

This biographical dictionary also forms part of a larger project, the Jocist Women's Leaders Project, which aims to document the lives and work of those women leaders in a broader fashion by promoting research and publications dealing with their lives.

Visit the website: https://jocistwomen.josephcardijn.com/

This biographical dictionary also forms part of the Joseph Cardijn Digital Library: https://www.josephcardijn.com

Project Team

Members of our project team are:

Professor Ana Maria Bidegain, Florida International University, USA

Prof. Dr. Dries Bosschaert, KU Leuven, Belgium

Ms Lorena Garcia Mourelle, University of the Republic of Uruguay, Uruguay 

Dr Stefan Gigacz, Australian Cardijn Institute/University of Divinity, Australia 

Dr Alana Harris, Kings College London, United Kingdom 

Dr Patricia Jones, University of Durham, United Kingdom 

Mr Sam Kuijken, KADOC, Leuven, Belgium

Dr Katharine Massam, University of Divinity, Australia 

Dr Charles Mercier, University of Bordeaux, France