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Himmer, Charles-Marie

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A Specialised Catholic Action chaplain in Namur, Belgium, Charles-Marie Himmer became the bishop of Tournai and a prominent supporter of Cardijn at Vatican II.


"Born in 1902, Charles-Marie Himmer was a priest of the Diocese of Namur, where he was responsible for the development of the Specialised Catholic Action movements.

He was bishop of Tournai in Belgium from 1949-1977.

At Vatican II, he launched the group "Jesus Christ and the Church of the Poor," which had a significant influence on the Council, and eventually adopted the "Pact of the Catacombs."

A close friend of Cardijn, he often used to say « J'ai pratiqué à plein la méthode de Cardijn : voir, juger, agir. J'y suis resté fidèle, et j'y crois toujours ». I fully practised the method of Cardijn: see, judge, act. I stayed faithful to it and I still believe in it"


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April 10, 1902

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January 11, 1994

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