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Guerry, Emile

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Emile Maurice

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Emile Guerry founded the JOC and the JAC in the Diocese of Grenoble. As archbishop of Cambrai, he continued to support the Specialised Catholic Action movements, including at Vatican II.


Born in Grenoble in 1891, Bishop Emile Guerry initially studied law becoming president of the diocesan ACJF movement in 1911.

The following year he entered the seminary on the advice of Abbé Jean Desgranges, the former Sillon counsellor who split with the movement around 1906.

He was a military nurse during World War I before resuming his studies.

After the war, he completed a doctorate in law with a thesis on the Free Feminine Trade Unions of Isere (Les syndicats libres féminins de l’Isère).

Finally he was ordained for the Diocese of Grenoble in 1923.

In 1932, he founded the JOC (YCW) and the JAC in the diocese and remained a great supporter of the specialised Catholic Action movements for the rest of his life.

He also founded the Soeurs de la Maternité catholique.

In 1940, he was named co-adjutor archbishop of Cambrai and became archbishop of that diocese in 1952.

He was also longtime the secretary of the Assembly of Cardinals and Archbishops of France.

During Vatican II he played a significant role, initially in the preparatory commissions. During the First Session, he helped edit the Message to the World that had been proposed by Chenu and Congar.

Archbishop Guerry also contributed to Gaudium et Spes as well as playing a key role in the Commission on Bishops.

He died on 11 March 1969.


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September 28, 1891

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Death date

March 11, 1969

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