García Escamilla, Rodolfo



García Escamilla, Rodolfo

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García Escamilla

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Rodolfo García Escamilla was the founder of the JOC and Christian Workers movements in Mexico and was murdered by a death squad in 1977.


Rodolfo García Escamilla was born in Michoacán Maravatío 1920.

He was ordained a priest on September 23, 1944 and a member of the Mexican Social Secretariat from 1952 until his death.

He was founder of the Young Christian Workers (YCW - JOC) and Christian Workers Movement (ACO) in Mexico.

He was killed by a death squad on 27 April, 1977 but his murderers were never identified.


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April 27, 1977

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ScreenHunter_447 Aug. 04 12.58.jpg Fr Rodolfo left with Cardijn and other JOC leaders and chaplains at the International Council of Rio de Janeiro in 1961 Bartolo Perez with Cardijn and Fr Rodolfo (right) at the YCW International Council in Rio de Janeiro 1961.