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Danaher, Tom

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Thomas Eugene

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Maryknoll Fr Tom Danaher was chaplain to the Hong Kong YCW and active in social ministry there.


Father Danaher was born in St Joseph, Missouri, on November 3, 1934, where he attended St Joseph's Cathedral Grammar School (1940-48) and graduated from Christian Brothers High School (1952).

He obtained a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Maryknoll College, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (1957), and a master's degree in religious education from Maryknoll Seminary.

He was ordained on June 9, 1962.

His foreign mission assignments included:

1963-1965: Parish priest at Our Lady of Nativity Parish, Tung Tau Tsuen, Kowloon.

1965-1969: St. Peter in Chains Parish, Kowloontsai, Kowloon. He served as chaplain for the Young Christian Workers in that parish.

1966-1969: Along with other Maryknoll priests and non-clergy, formed a labor advisory team to address industrial labor disputes.

1973-1980: Served as chaplain of the Young Christian Workers National Team. He worked to obtain better living and working conditions for the people. He lived and ministered at a workers' center in Pui Man Village in Kowloon City.

1976-1981: Maryknoll magazine's Asian correspondent.

1984-1986: Pastoral duties at a parish in Santiago, Chile.

1997-2009: Asia - Hong Kong – Assistant Pastor at St. Matthew the Apostle Parish, Tuen Mun and ministered at Tai Lam Women's Prison

Father Danaher's U.S. assignments include:

1994-1997: Mission education promotion work in the Denver, Colorado.

He retired in 2010 and resided at the Maryknoll residence in Los Altos, California, until his death.

Maryknoll Society

Country of origin

Birth date

November 3, 1934

Birth place

St Joseph, Missouri

Death date

August 13, 2012

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Maryknoll, NY



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