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Comblin, José

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José Comblin was a Belgian-born theologian, who went to work in Brazil, where he became a JOC chaplain and a well-known liberation theologian.


Born in Belgium in 1923, Joseph Comblin was ordained to the priesthood in 1947.

In 1961, he published a famous book "Echec de l'Action catholique?" ( Failure of Catholic Action?), which was widely interpreted as a critique of the Cardijn movements.

Nevertheless, Comblin went to work first in Chile from 1962-65 and then to Brazil at the invitation of Dom Helder Camara.

He became a YCW chaplain in Campinas, Brazil.

Later he became known as a theologian of liberation.

He died in 2011.


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March 22, 1923

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March 27, 2011

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Simões Filho, Bahia

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