Cardijn Reflections

Reflections: A series of twice-weekly reflections on Cardijn's writings (Pat Branson and Richard Pütz)

More about Cardijn, his life, work and writings

Cardijn@Vatican2:  Day by day blog of the work of Cardijn and his collaborators at Vatican II  (Stefan Gigacz)

Canonise Cardijn: Information about the progress of the canonisation causes for Cardijn and other jocist leaders and chaplains

Cardijn Research: The life and work of Joseph Cardijn, founder of the YCW-JOC:  Research blog by Stefan Gigacz


Joseph Cardijn, Challenge to Action (ACI edition, 2021)

Stefan Gigacz, The Leaven in the Council, Joseph Cardijn and the Jocist Network at Vatican II (ACI, 2021)

Theological and methodological resources

See Judge Act  (Stefan Gigacz)

Gospel of Work  (Stefan Gigacz)

Lay  apostolate  (Stefan Gigacz)

Research projects

Jocist Women Leaders Project

Biographical mini-sites


Alphonse Gratry: French philosopher and theologian, pioneer of the "reading the signs of the times"  (Stefan Gigacz)

Léon Ollé-Laprune: Another French philosopher of the "see-judge-act"  (Stefan Gigacz)

Le Sillon: French democratic movement founded by Marc Sangnier, a major source and inspiration for Cardijn  (Stefan Gigacz)

Henry du Roure: Secretary-general of the Sillon  (Stefan Gigacz)

Pioneers and founders

Victoire Cappe: Collaborator with Cardijn in the parish of Notre Dame de Laeken from 1912  (Stefan Gigacz)

Fernand Tonnet: One of the "founder trio" of the (male) Belgian JOC  (Stefan Gigacz)

Paul Garcet: Another member of the "founder trio"  (Stefan Gigacz)

Marguerite Fiévez: Pioneer of the Belgian JOCF and the International YCW (Stefan Gigacz)

Key leaders and chaplains

Patrick Keegan: Founding president of the International YCW  (Stefan Gigacz)

Romeo Maione: First elected president of the International YCW  (Stefan Gigacz)

Sergio Regazzoni: Swiss and International YCW leader and development worker  (Stefan Gigacz)

Pepe & Amalia Palacio: Both Argentine JOC leaders; Pepe was an international leader and lay collaborator  (Stefan Gigacz)

Enrique Angelelli: Martyred Argentinian jocist chaplain and bishop  (Stefan Gigacz)

Hugh O'Sullivan: Chaplain to the Australian and International YCW (Asia-Pacific)  (Stefan Gigacz)

Vatican  II


Vatican 2+40: Vatican II in the Age of Globalisation: Review and Perspectives on the Council after 40 years, Bangkok, Thailand, 2002 (Cardijn  Community International)

Vatican 2+50: A Cardijn Perspective, Manila, 2012 (Cardijn  Community International)

Cardijn et le rayonnement jociste à Vatican II: Enquête, Arras, France, 2014

Stefan Gigacz, The Leaven in the Council, Joseph Cardijn and the Jocist Network at Vatican II (ACI, 2021)


The Pact of the Catacombs

Australian Cardijn History


History of the Cardijn Movements in Australia (ACI)

Media Timeline of the Cardijn Movements in Australia (ACI)

Campion Society (ACI)


History and Memories of the Cardijn Movements in Australia, Melbourne, 2013 (Cardijn  Community Australia)

Promoting lay formation: Cardijn and the YCW in Australia, Melbourne, 2017 (Cardijn  Community Australia)

Cardijn, the YCW and YCS movements and the Vietnam War, 2020 (Cancelle due to Covid) (ACI/Cardijn  Community Australia)

Other conferences

Lay Movements as Structures of Grace: The Legacy of Cardijn, the See-Judge-Act Method, and Catholic Action in the Americas, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 2018

Training Resources

Hugh O'Sullivan, Notes for Leaders (ACI)

Hugh O'Sullivan, Making Monday the Best Day (ACI)

Australian Cardijn Institute