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Latest additions

  • The YCW

    Quotation from French philosopher, Simone Weil
  • Cardijn - Chapter 15 - The last call

    Episcopal Ministry. 1966: Gestures for Peace. The last dream. Collaborator of Paul VI. July 1967: The Last Call.
  • Villa, Betty

    Philippines YCW leader, who became vice-president of the International YCW from 1961-64.
  • Pezzullo, Caroline

    Caroline Pezzullo was a US YCW leader of the 1950s and 1960s, who went on to do extensive work in the field of world development.
  • Parentelli, Gladys

    is a Uruguayan feminist theologian and photographer who has lived in Venezuela since 1969. A representative of Latin American ecofeminism, she was one of three Latin American women appointed by Pope Paul VI as observers at the Second Vatican Council.
  • Castaños de Palacio, Amalia

    Leader of the Argentinian JOCF and wife of martyred JOC leader, Jose Serapio "Pepe" Palacio
  • Monnet, Marie Louise

    Founder of the Jeunesse Indépendante Catholique Féminine in France and its adult counterpart, Action Catholique Indépendante.
  • Girard, Yvonne

    French JOCF leader who died young
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