• Addleshaw, GWO

    English Anglican priest who tried to launch an Anglican JOC movement.
  • Allegra, Blessed Gabriel Maria

    Blessed Father Gabriele Maria Allegra was an Italian Franciscan priest, who translated the entire Bible into Chinese for the first time and who was also a student and YCW chaplain in Singapore.
  • Ancel, Alfred Jean Félix

    A founding chaplain of the JOC in Lyon, later became known as the "worker bishop" after he began part-time work in a factory.
  • Angelelli, Enrique

    Co-founder and chaplain of the JOC in the Diocese of Cordoba, later bishop of La Rioja. Killed by the military for his involvement with the poor and landless.
  • Arango Álvarez , Fernando de

    Jesuit Fernando de Arango Álvarez was a Cuban JOC chaplain, who was expelled from Cuba by the Castro government and later re-organised the JOC in the Dominican Republic.
  • Arbuthnott, Edmund

    Edmund Arbuthnott was a national chaplain of the English YCW, who also wrote a short biography of Cardijn.
  • Arizmendiarrieta, Jose Maria

    JOC and Catholic Action chaplain in the Basque town of Arrasate/Mondragon and founder of the Mondragon Cooperatives.
  • Berisso, Francisco

    Msgr Francisco Berisso was a well-known chaplain to the JOC in Avellaneda, Argentina.
  • Bogarín Argaña, Ramón

    Founder of the JOC in Asuncion, Paraguay, later a Vatican II bishop, who also played an important role in the Latin American bishops conference (CELAM) at Medellin, Colombia in 1968.
  • Bonet i Marrugat, Albert

    Founder of the "Federació de Joves Cristians de Catalunya" (FJCC) or 'Young Christians of Catalonia', precursor of the Catalonian JOC. Later an expert in the Preparatory Commission on Lay Apostolate at Vatic an II.
  • Bransfield, Mike

    Maryknoll priest, Fr Mike Bransfield MM worked for many years in South Korea, where he was also national YCW chaplain.
  • Chenu, Marie-Dominique

    Marie-Dominique Chenu was a French Dominican theologian, who worked closely with the early JOC in France and Belgium during the late 1920s and 1930s.
  • Comblin, José

    José Comblin was a Belgian-born theologian, who went to work in Brazil, where he became a JOC chaplain and a well-known liberation theologian.
  • Congar, Yves

    Yves Congar was a French Dominican, who gave retreats to early JOC leaders and chaplains in France and Belgium, wrote extensively on the theology of the laity and played a key role at Vatican II.
  • Curnow, John

    New Zealand priest, John Curnow, was a prominent YCW chaplain, who went on to play an important role in other fields of social action and world development.
  • Dammert Bellido, José Antonio

    Bishop of Cajamarca, José Antonio Dammert Bellido was a major promoter of the Specialised Catholic Action movements.
  • Danaher, Tom

    Maryknoll Fr Tom Danaher was chaplain to the Hong Kong YCW and active in social ministry there.
  • Danker, Albert

    Albert Danker was a South African Oblate of Mary Immaculate, who was chaplain to the South African YCW.
  • Davis, Leo

    Leo Davis was a YCW and YCS chaplain from San Diego Diocese, who also founded the Cardijn Center there.
  • De Smedt, Emile-Joseph

    Bishop Emile-Joseph De Smedt worked closely with the Flemish jocist movements and was a significant ally of Cardijn at Vatican II.
  • Di Pasqua, Emilio Antonio

    Bishop Emilio Antonio Di Pasqua was one of the founders of the JOC in Argentina.
  • Dillard, Victor

    Victor Dillard was a French Jesuit, who was sent to Germany under the Compulsory Labour Service regime, where he acted as a chaplain to JOC and other Catholic Action groups before being arrested and eventually sent to Dachau where he died.
  • Egan, Jack

    Msgr Jack Egan was a prominent chaplain of the YCW and CFM in Chicago, who also worked closely with Saul Alinsky and marched with Martin Luther King.
  • Faulkner, Len

    Archbishop Len Faulkner was a YCW chaplain in Adelaide, Australia, who later became episcopal delegate to the YCW for the Australian bishops.
  • Frings, Josef

    Cardinal Josef Frings supported the establishment of the CAJ (German JOC) in the aftermath of World War II. He played a significant role at Vatican II.
  • García Escamilla, Rodolfo

    Rodolfo García Escamilla was the founder of the JOC and Christian Workers movements in Mexico and was murdered by a death squad in 1977.
  • Garrone, Gabriel Marie

    Cardinal Gabriel-Marie Garrone was an important promoter of Specialised Catholic Action as a seminary professor and later as archbishop of Toulouse and at Vatican II.
  • Gaspoz, Jean-Marc

    Jean-Marc Gaspoz was a Swiss Capucin priest, who served as a JOC chaplain in France, Seychelles and Zambia before becoming international chaplain of the IYCW.
  • Gera, Lucio

    Lucio Gera was an Argentine priest and JOC chaplain, who became known as a founder of the "theology of the people."
  • Giraudet, René

    René Giraudet was a French Paris Foreign Mission priest who volunteered to serve in Germany under the compulsory labour service regime leading to his arrest for acting as a priest and eventual transfer to Bergen-Belsen and later his death.
  • Glorieux, Palémon

    Palémon Glorieux was a prominent theologian, who co-founded the JOCF in the Lille diocese. He acted as advisor to Cardinal Achille Liénart at Vatican II.
  • Godin, Henri

    Henri Godin was a French priest and JOC chaplain who co-authored a famous book "France: pays de mission?" (Is France a mission country?) and founded the Mission de Paris.
  • Grand'maison, Jacques

    Jacques Grand'maison was a Canadian JEC and JOC chaplain, who later became an advisor to the Canadian bishops.
  • Guérin, Georges

    Once a member of the Sillon, Georges Guérin entered the seminary after World War I and became the founding chaplain of the French JOC.
  • Guerry, Emile

    Emile Guerry founded the JOC and the JAC in the Diocese of Grenoble. As archbishop of Cambrai, he continued to support the Specialised Catholic Action movements, including at Vatican II.
  • Hillenbrand, Reynold

    Msgr Reynold Hillenbrand was national chaplain to the US YCW and noted liturgical reformer.
  • Himmer, Charles-Marie

    A Specialised Catholic Action chaplain in Namur, Belgium, Charles-Marie Himmer became the bishop of Tournai and a prominent supporter of Cardijn at Vatican II.
  • Ho Chin Hian, Joseph

    Fr Joseph Ho was national chaplain to the Singapore YCW.
  • Houtart, François

    François Houtart was a JOC chaplain and close collaborator of Cardijn and the movement. As a peritus at Vatican II, he prepared the first draft of the introductory statement on the situation of people in the world for Gaudium et Spes.
  • Hurley, Denis

    Archbishop Denis Hurley was a disciple of Cardijn and a significant ally at Vatican II.
  • Hurtado, Alberto

    Alberto Hurtado was a Jesuit pioneer of Catholic Action in Chile, who studied at Louvain.
  • Jadot, Jean

    Jean Jadot was a Belgian JEC chaplain, who later became a Vatican diplomat. He also collaborated with Cardijn during Vatican II.
  • Jorge Oscar Adur

    Jorge Oscar Adur was an Argentine JEC leader who became an Assumptionist priest and Specialised Catholic Action chaplain and who was kidnapped and "disappeared."
  • Kelly, John F.

    John F. Kelly was a Melbourne priest, who discovered the JOC through his reading of French literature. He translated many articles into English and edited the YCW Leaders Bulletin for many years.
  • Kothen, Robert

    Robert Kothen was president of a study circle of the Jeunesse Syndicaliste before entering the seminary. As a priest, he became Cardijn's assistant responsible for international relations during the 1930s.
  • Langdale, Eugene

    Fr Eugene Langdale was a pioneer of Catholic social work in England, who translated many of Cardijn's writings into English.
  • Larraín Errázuriz, Manuel

    Bishop Manuel was a major promoter of the JOC and other Specialised Catholic Action movements and a close collaborator of Cardijn at Vatican II.
  • Lebret, Louis-Joseph

    Louis-Joseph Lebret was a French Dominican priest, who founded the Jeunesse Maritime Chrétienne (JMC) on the JOC model, and later helped draft Pope Paul VI's encyclical Populorum Progressio.
  • Lombard, Frank

    Fr Frank Lombard was the founding chaplain of the Melbourne and Australian YCWs.
  • Malula, Joseph-Albert

    Cardinal Joseph Malula was a JOC and Ligue Nationale de Travailleurs Chrétiens chaplin in the former Belgian Congo. As a bishop he took part in Vatican II and participated in the drafting of Gaudium et Spes.
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